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App for Every Muslim

MuslimKit App is a "All-in-One" beautifully designed Islamic app for every muslim. It comes with a fancy & fresh User Interface and brings many useful features for every muslim people..


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Prayer Times

Prayer Times

Be alerted when Shalah time comes, share via FB and Twitter

Qibla Direction


Find direction of Kaaba in Mecca



Read random hadith, share via facebook and Twitter

Radio Muslim

Muslim Radio Player

Listen to nearest Online Muslim Radios

Zakah Kalculator


Calculate your Zakah

Nearest Masjid

Nearest Masjid

Find Nearest Masjid to your location

Nearest Halal

Nearest Halal

Find Nearest Halal to your location

Digital Tasbeeh

Digital Tasbeeh

Count your zikr in everywhere and anywhere

Khatamul Qur'an

Khatamul Quran

Record your qur'an recitation progress

Ibadah Stats

Ibadah Tracker

Track your ibadah efforts to improve its quality

Mecca Streaming

Makkah Streaming

Live Streaming form 2 Holy cities, Makkah & Madinah

Islamic Sticker

Islamic Sticker

Create & Share Islamic sticker via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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